Frequently Asked Question Posted 07/08/2009

BigTipper 2.9 is here

BigTipper 2.9 is available at the iTunes App Store.

If you like BigTipper, please consider leaving an App Store review. That supports our efforts to provide enhancements like these:

BigTipper 2.9 Release Notes:

• Fixed crash when fetching current location (on iOS older than 3.2).

• Displaying "Please wait" message while building History email reports.

BigTipper 2.8 Release Notes:

• iOS4 support.

• iPhone4 retina display support (higher resolution graphics).

• TOTALS display now indicates if TAX mode is active.

BigTipper 2.7 Release Notes:

• Now sends History emails without leaving BigTipper (in iPhone OS 3)

• Optimizations for iPhone OS 3

• Improved Help screen

• New French translation

BigTipper 2.6 Release Notes:

• Recompiled using iPhone OS 3.0 SDK.

• Fix: Japanese Yen again displayed with two decimal places.

• Fix: History reports no longer show tax splits when tax is OFF.

BigTipper 2.5 Release Notes:

• iPhone OS 3.0 Compatible.

• New History report formats: HTML, and CSV.

BigTipper 2.4 Release Notes:

• Adding History - now using iPhone’s location to find nearby restaurant names.

• Adding History - now easier to choose between new/existing location and hide the keyboard.

• History details - new button to view a restaurant’s address and contact info.

• Flipside - now has a conspicuous "BigTipper" back button in the navigation bar.

• Settings - new "Use Location Services" ON/OFF switch.

• Bug fixes and performance optimizations.

BigTipper 2.3 Release Notes:

• History button saves new history -or- views all history

• Titles and notes of saved history items can be saved

• History detail screens have toolbar with previous/next buttons

• Minor bug fixes

BigTipper 2.2 Release Notes:

• Minor bug fixes

BigTipper 2.1 Release Notes:

• Drink calculations (so non-drinkers don’t overpay)

• Mirroring function: helps detect credit card slip tampering

• Preferences: choose sliders or buttons for tip and split

• Preferences: customize tip/split button color and pre-set values

• History: option to view details immediately after save

• History details: changed layout slightly

• History list: now showing grand total

• Help: updated information and improved layout

BigTipper 2.0 Release Notes:

• History: saves transactions and optional comments

• Emails dining history/expense reports

• Enhanced “rounding” button functionality

• Round the total or just the tip

• Preferences: sort dining history in various ways

• Preferences: slider minimum/maximum values

• Preferences: clear/save totals on launch

• Dutch translation (thanks, Marcel!)

• Italian translation (thanks, Leo!)

BigTipper 1.2 Release Notes:

• Fixes sales tax computations

• Fixes situation where tip can go negative when rounding down

• Fixes situation where total can be off by a penny

• Added new 'Sound Effects' preference setting

• Added new German translation (thanks Oliver!)

BigTipper 1.1 Release Notes:

• Display changes - the calculated (white) values now show each party's share of the TIP, BILL, and TOTAL. Hint: to view gross amounts, simply slide SPLIT to 1 temporarily.

• New Preferences on flip side - click the info button (bottom right) to flip calculator over.

• Rounding Mode Preference - choose to round up, down, or automatically ("school boy rounding").

• Tax Rate Preference - use the keypad to enter the BILL total including tax. Tax is deducted before computing the TIP. Set your tax rate on the flip side of the calculator. The ON/OFF button enables/disables this feature.

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