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Movie★Slate 3.0 is here

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MovieSlate 3.01 Release Notes:

• Optimized to run faster and use less memory.
• Sound Department plugin - log sound meta data; quickly generate Sound Reports.
• Slate - detect external claps from the Pomfort MamboFrame iPad case.
• Slate - swipe up/down on slate fields to increment/decrement numbers.
• Slate - keypad now displays A,B,C,D buttons when editing CAM (Camera) field.
• Slate - keypad now supports double-letters for 123ABC and 123abc input formats.
• Slate - zoom timecode fullscreen with a new zoom button.
• Slate - timecode display now supports cut/copy/paste.
• Slate - added new User Bits (UBITS) display.
• Slate - added new production logo graphic.
• Slate - added new ADC “CDL” (Look ID) field for use with color correction workflows.
• Slate - edit field labels by tapping them (new for iPhone/iPod touch).
• Slate - text field fonts now get much smaller when needed.
• Slate - added new Refresh Location button (visible when a shot is in progress).
• Dates - as old as 1902 can now be entered.
• Snippets - are now organized in Snippet Groups that can be customized.
• Snippets can now be used in fields on the slate, history, and optics screens.
• Snippets - can now be auto expanded by typing their abbreviation and a space.
• Snippets have moved to the Settings tab/screen (on iPhone).
• Camera Optics - added new plus/minus keypad buttons to increment/decrement Aperture in 1/3 and 1/2 F-stops.
• Camera Optics - added new foot and inch keypad buttons for editing Camera Height.
• History List - added new search and sort options.
• History List - added new Un/Circle All Takes button.
• History - added new “ADC CDL” color grading fields.
• History - added new User Bits field in the DATA1-6 section.
• History Reports - can now be emailed as a single zip file with optional password protection.
• History Reports - added new Sound Dept, MovieSlate XML, Avid ALE, and Adobe Premiere reports.
• History Reports - added new Shots on Date reporting scope option.
• History Reports - Notes can appear as columns or rows.
• History Reports - fix for certain characters in Final Cut XML export.
• Settings - a field’s Input Style can now be set to a Snippet Group.
• Settings - added new Slate Behavior -> Clapper Triggers for finer grain control.
• Settings - added new Clapper Behavior -> Show User Bits on Clap option.
• Settings - added new “My Info” screen to Shot Log History section.
• Settings - added new “MovieSlate Store”.
• Help - added new Version Checker button.
• Help - added new “How-To Videos”.
• Help - added new “White Papers”.
• Help - moved “Our Apps” to the Help screen.
• Many, many other changes and improvements.
• Now really runs with iOS 4.2.

MovieSlate 2.5 Release Notes:

• Updated for iOS 4.3 and iPad 2
• Settings - added new “Traditional (Louder)” clapper sound used in Apple iPad TV ads.
• Settings - added new “Calibrate LTC Lag” feature for “Timecode Sync PRO” users.
• Settings - added Hinge Button “Lock Everything but Clapper” option.
• Settings - the Hinge Button “Lock Everything” option now locks scrolling and data label editing.
• History Notes - image notes now always have captions containing shot data.
• History Notes - added image note support for iPads with cameras.
• History Notes list - edit a note’s date, time, timecode by tapping on a note’s date/time.
• History Notes list - rows are taller and include more data.
• History Notes list - image and audio buttons have been moved to the right side.
• History export, CSV - fixed a bug that was exporting duplicate shots and notes.
• History export, HTML - better stylesheet and language accents support.
• History export, XML - addressed several FinalCut Pro import issues.
• Slate view - timecode pause and “Pause when Shot Ends” now work as expected.
• Slate view - choosing DIR or DP from Contacts no longer crashes on iPads.
• New Notes - are now created using proper timecode when timecode is paused.
• WiFi Sync - synced songs now play on remote devices (with "Auto-Start Shots" enabled).
• Music Video screen - songs can now play on connected Bluetooth A2DP devices.
• Leader Roll animations - fixed spelling of “Address”.

MovieSlate 2.4.2 Release Notes:

• Settings - added new “Traditional” clapper sound choice.

MovieSlate 2.4.1 Release Notes:

• Music Video - fixed song-choosing crash that cropped up with iOS 4.2.1.
• History - fixed issue where current shot was not always highlighted on iPads running iOS 4.2.1.
• WiFi Sync - Remote Control Commands were out of sync on iPads running iOS 4.2.1
• WiFi Sync - iPhones and iPods can now accept Remote Control Commands.
• Settings - added new Field Input Style: “123.123”.

MovieSlate 2.4 Release Notes:

• iOS 4.2 compatibility.
• Settings, Shot Log History - can now choose multiple "Email To" addresses.
• History - when building reports, there’s now a progress indicator and cancel button.
• History list - double tap a row to un/circle a take.
• History reports - large reports no longer cause out of memory crashes.
• History reports - csv and plain text reports previously contained notes from all projects.
• History reports - csv reports sometimes contained the wrong “Starts/Ends Here” messages.
• History reports - notes now retain line breaks in the HTML format.
• History reports - ¶ symbol is now used for note line breaks in CSV and Plain Text formats.
• History (iPad) - fixed crash that occurred when the plus button was tapped.
• Camera Optics - height, angle, and white balance fields now accept non-numeric input.
• Slate - timecode display sometimes contained gibberish.
• Slate (iPad) - in landscape, not all Production menu choices were visible.
• Slate (iPad) - fixed crash that sometimes occurred when canceling popover screens.
• Bluetooth Sending - fixed issue preventing fields from all being synced, and a resulting crash.
• LTC Sending - 25 FPS did not work reliably on all receiving devices.
• Help - changed layout for improved readability.

MovieSlate 2.3 Release Notes:

• Added NonDropFrame rates: 23.976, 29.97, 59.98.
• WiFi & Bluetooth Sync - not all fields were being transferred.
• Headphone Jack Sync - the dropframe flag was not always being set/unset.
• Music Video mode - timecode now defaults to Song IN point when song is not playing.
• Music Video mode - Songs without Artist meta data are now properly reloaded on app launch.
• Music Video screen - newly chosen Songs no longer play immediately.
• Music Video - WiFi Timecode Sync now works properly when the receiver's auto-start and auto-end are OFF.
• Camera Optics screen - individual field clear buttons did not permanently clear data.
• Slate Appearance changes were not always displaying immediately.
• Settings: added a "Defaults" button to Reset All Settings.
• LTC Sync (Headphone Jack) - iPod touch with iOS 3 can now send TC via Headphone Jack.
• LTC Sync (Headphone Jack) - output was always set to left channel.
• Settings -> Timecode Syncing -> Send TC Audio - changes now update in real time.
• Settings -> Slate Behavior - choose Pre-Roll Beep count and beep interval.
• Beeps & Clapper Tones are now much shorter (approximately one frame each).

MovieSlate 2.2 Release Notes:


• Now sends timecode.  Use MovieSlate as a timecode generator!
• Now sends/receives timecode over WiFi (between MovieSlates) and/or audio cables.
• Use WiFi sync to remotely control iPads running MovieSlate.
• Now automatically jam syncs accurately when headphone cable is disconnected.
• Settings: send TC audio over left/right/both channels.
• Settings: auto start/stop shots when external timecode starts/stops.
• Settings: added new "Test Headphone Jack" screen.

These new timecode syncing features create many new workflow opportunities.  For instance, one MovieSlate can receive timecode from a camera over audio cable, then sync it to another MovieSlate over WiFi.  The other MovieSlate could then send the same timecode to another camera over audio cable.


• Drop Frame timecode.
• New Camera Optics tab - enter ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc for History and leader/end rolls.
• New Camera Optics tab - new auto-incrementing "Filename" field for use with tapeless workflows.
• Slate - new "Slate" number field (appears near the roll, scene, take fields).
• Slate - tap timecode display’s SYNC indicator to view the sync status.
• Slate - when a shot ends, the rating view (optionally) does not immediately disappear.
• Slate - for MOS shots, top clapper stick is now drawn fully open (straight up).
• Settings - new “Clapper stick vertical for MOS” clapper behavior.
• Settings - new "Confirm “End the Shot”" clapper behavior.
• Settings - new “Show Slate when Shot Ends” clapper behavior.
• Settings - new “Tap Anywhere” clapper behavior.
• Settings - clapper hinge button: start shot, lock orientation/data/both.
• Settings - new custom "flasher" and "timecode" colors.
• Settings - new "Song Delay" duration for use in Music Videos.
• Settings - new “Save Shots to History” preference.
• Settings - choose to show Leader Roll before or after clapping.
• Settings - choose Leader/End Roll fields and the order in which they appear.
• Settings - choose History Report fields and the order in which they appear.
• Settings - choose which Slate Data fields are sent when syncing via Bluetooth and WiFi.
• Settings - added solid “warm” colors to Gray Card choices.
• Settings - choose where to save Shot Marker/Notes in exported FinalCut XML files.
• Bluetooth Sync - now sends roll, scene, take, and many other production info fields.
• Bluetooth Sync - choose to receive timecode, production info, or both.
• History Details - new plus button creates new shots and auto-enters data.
• History Details - date, time, timecode can now be edited.
• History List - contains more information in each row.
• History XML - now includes video filename and shot title.
• History XML - marker titles now include a portion of their comments.
• Notes Editor - new plus button creates a note without closing the Notes Editor.
• Notes Editor - is now wider on iPad.
• Notes Editor - notes are now numbered.


• Entire app - many optimizations that have improved responsiveness.
• Slate tab - clap was out of sync when pre-roll was set to less than 1 second.
• Slate tab - clapper sounds and beeps are now much louder.
• Slate tab - locked hinge had a green light in landscape (on iPhone).
• Slate tab - removed dissolves from leader and end roll animations.
• Slate tab - when flasher graphic was set to "None", the "Solid Color" appeared.
• Slate tab - solid color flasher graphic no longer obscures clapper sticks.
• Timecode displays - made colons sharper and added semi-colons for drop-frame.
• Keypad - the ABC button did not always display the keyboard.
• Notes - Snippets now always update each time the Notes screen appears.
• Music Video (iPad) - keypad is now the correct size within the music video screen.
• History list - optimized to load faster.
• History list - trash button replaced Projects button after editing.
• History tab (iPad) - now able to edit take field when circled.
• History tab (iPad) - the Map button works properly again.
• History tab (iPad) - the Edit button was sometimes inappropriately disabled.
• Settings - "Prevent Sleep" again functions properly.
• Settings - the edited CAM label is now saved properly.
• Settings - now showing in-app purchase prices in $USD.

MovieSlate 2.1 Release Notes:

• [NEW] iOS4 support.

• [NEW] iPhone4 retina display support (higher resolution graphics).

• [NEW] Slate & History tabs: "Circle Take" buttons for marking good takes.

• [NEW] Slate tab: added title field to left of clapper sticks.

• [NEW] Slate tab: added focus chart button to far right of clapper sticks.

• [NEW] Settings: added ability to choose separate color, grayscale, focus charts.

• [NEW] Settings: added keyboard/keypad input styles for roll, scene, take, camera.

• [NEW] Settings: added “reset take” option when the scene number changes.

• [NEW] Settings: set the duration of the “leader roll” and “end roll” credits.

• [NEW] Settings: choose whether “clapper notes” stick to the last or next shot.

• [NEW] Settings: red checkmarks are now green-- to indicate an option is enabled.

• [FIX] LTC-IN: hours were sometimes different between sync and jam modes.

• [FIX] Crash when attempting to set INTERIOR / EXTERIOR.

• [FIX] Audio notes recording now works again on iPhone 3GS.

• [FIX] Image notes were not saved when production title contained certain punctuation.

• [FIX] History list - note counters are accurate again.

• [FIX] History Details on iPhone - no longer autoscrolls when first viewed.

• [FIX] Slate label font size was too large in iOS4.

MovieSlate 2.0 Release Notes:

• [NEW] HD-Optimized for iPad

• [NEW] Universal app; runs on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

• [NEW] Timecode Sync from Camera LTC (optional in-app purchase)

• [NEW] 6 optional data fields on main slate (swipe the clappersticks or timecode display left or right)

• [NEW] Customizable field labels that also appear in shot logs

• [NEW] Create notes before starting a shot

• [NEW] ColorChart and GrayCard buttons

• [FIX] Many other enhancements and fixes

MovieSlate 1.6 Release Notes:

• [NEW] Settings - choose from various “Flash Graphics” including color bars.

• [NEW] Audio/Video ★ Ratings can now be set by directly touching the stars
  without opening a new screen.

• [NEW] Shot list & details - when emailing shot log data, you can now choose
  to send all shots, shots for a single project, or a single shot (where appropriate).

• [NEW] Shots list & details - tap a shot’s yellow badge to view its Notes,
  or create a new note (when there are no notes yet).

• [NEW] Shot details - added a “Compose new Note” button to the toolbar.

• [FIX] Music Video mode - the beep-beep-beep sound did not always play
  when the clapper sticks closed.

MovieSlate 1.5 Release Notes:

• [NEW] Keypad now contains lettered buttons when entering the Scene or Take.

• [NEW] Timecode sync is now supported on first generation iPhone run OS 3.1 or newer.

• [FIX] Music playback at IN point is now more accurate when clapper closes.

• [FIX] Deleting individual History list items no longer causes a crash.

MovieSlate 1.4 Release Notes:

• [NEW] Music Video mode - sync timecode to a song to playback on each take.

• [NEW] Settings - you can now choose from several clapper sounds and tones.

• [NEW] Settings, new Clapper Behavior: “Zero timecode on clap”.

• [NEW] Settings - new "Delay/Pre-Roll" slider replaces "3 second delay" Clapper Behavior.

• [NEW] When editing Scene number in the slate, Take now auto-resets to “1”.

• [NEW] History list now shows both IN/OUT points for each shot.

• [NEW] History list now shows per-project footage duration totals.

• [NEW] History details screen now shows timecode duration in header.

• [FIX] Fixed crash when tapping clapper while timecode display was paused.

• [FIX] On clap, timecode no longer occasionally rolls forward one frame.

• [FIX] Improved timecode display performance.

• [FIX] Slate view, “23.976” FPS was sometimes displayed as “23.98”.

• [FIX] Help tab icon is now a question mark instead of lowercase “i”.

MovieSlate 1.3 Release Notes:

• Fixed obscure issue where entire app could become unresponsive after starting a new take.

MovieSlate 1.2 Release Notes:

• Fixed crash when building XML reports for shots that had no timecode OUT
• Fixed out of memory errors when building very large reports
• Improved handling of headphones/speaker sound output

MovieSlate 1.1 Release Notes:

New Features which require iPhone OS 3:

• Sync timecode over bluetooth between multiple iPhones & iPod touches
• Record shot Voice Notes
• Take picture Image Notes
• New Shot Log export format: “Final Cut XML”
• Email is sent reliably without leaving the MovieSlate app
• Shot Logs, Voice Notes, Image Notes are attached to emails as files

New Features which work on iPhone OS 2 and 3:

• New “Snippets” tab for editing Note Snippet shortcuts
• New “DataSlate” tab for those who don’t need a Clapperboard or Shot Log
• Tabs can now be rearranged (tap the “More” tab, then the “Edit” button)
• Last tab used is now restored when app is launched
• Tap the clapper hinge to lock/unlock slate auto-rotation
• More fps choices
• More clapper stick and background designs
• New Clapper Behavior Settings: Flash a "Clap!" graphic, Increment Take number, Prevent Sleep
• New Settings: update GPS location when starting each shot
• Send support/feedback emails to us from the Help screen
• Help screen is now organized by topic

Many little fixes and improvements, including:

• Improved (GPS) Location support
• Timecode no longer advances 2 frames when using the “Freeze Timecode” option
• Jammed timecode no longer drifts when quitting then restarting the app
• Shot logs no longer contain any erroneous carriage returns
• On iPod touch 1G, sound effects now play through headphone jack or dock connector

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