Frequently Asked Question Posted 10/23/2009

MovieSlate crashes or doesn't respond to any of my taps when it is in shot mode and I can't end the shot.

Make sure youíre running the most current version

Please download the most current version of MovieSlate from the App Store.

If for some reason, the current version does not fix this issue for you, we would appreciate you contacting us.  In that case, you may follow the instructions below that are appropriate to your situation:

If you have Shot Data that you need to SAVE:

1. Run iTunes

2. Connect your iOS device (thatís running MovieSlate) to your computer.

3. Sync your iOS device and make sure the "Encrypt backup" checkbox is UN-checked. Otherwise we will not be able to read the data you send us.

4. Right-click on the iOS device icon in the left-hand column of iTunes and select "Backup" from the menu and wait for iTunes to complete the backup.

5. Quit iTunes

6. Download iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac | for Windows

7. Run iPhone Backup Extractor

8. Choose MovieSlate from the list of apps shown and click the Extract button.

9. Save the MovieSlate data to your computer.

10. Right-click on the folder named "com.pureblendsoftware.MovieSlate" and choose "Compress com.pureblendsoftware.MovieSlate".

11. Important! Attach the compressed ZIP file to an email and send it to movieslate†at†

12. Important! Also send us a zip file containing your crash logs which can be found in these locations...

Mac OS X:

Windows XP:
C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataApple ComputerLogsCrashReporterMobileDeviceYOUR_iOS_DEVICE_NAME

Windows Vista and Windows 7:
C:Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/AppDataRoamingApple computerLogsCrashReporter/MobileDevice/DEVICE_NAME

The zip files will help us debug the issue.  Also, once we have the shot data we can export it in CSV, HTML, and FinalCut XML formats and email you those files.

Once you have sent the MovieSlate data -OR- If you DO NOT have any Shot Data that you need to save:

Tap and hold on the MovieSlate icon, when the springboard icons start to wiggle: tap the white "x" in the corner of the MovieSlate icon to delete it.

This will also delete any shot data you have! Now you can either connect your iOS device to your computer and install MovieSlate, or you can go to the App Store on your iOS device and download MovieSlate again by tapping the Buy Now button. Re-downloads of Apps you've purchased are free.

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