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  • Large, easy-to-read displays

  • Fast data entry with built-in, oversized keypad

  • TIP and SPLIT slider controls reduce typing

  • Customizable interface (choose buttons or sliders)

  • Transactions saved to History

  • New! Finds nearby restaurant names when saving to History

  • Expense report email sending

  • Sales tax support

  • Drink calculations (so non-drinkers don’t overpay)

  • Mirroring function: helps detect credit card slip tampering

  • International currency display

  • Automatic calculation; no need to tap an equals key

  • Costs less than a drink!


Restaurant Tip Calculator

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BigTipper is the fastest, easiest way to calculate restaurant gratuities (Tips), then divide the bill among your group.

Entered Values
Calculated Values

Easy as 1, 2, 3...
Showing the unrounded tip First tap of the round button rounds the tip up Second tap of the round button rounds the tip down Third tap of the round button mirrors the total
Showing the unrounded tip

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Quick Tip. Use the slider control to quickly set the TIP percentage— without having to type any numbers.

A little help for your friends.
Use the other slider control to set how many ways you’d like to split the bill.

Enter the bill amount
(including tax) using the keypad. Tax is automatically deducted before calculating the tip.

Continuous calculations.
As you type or adjust the sliders, BigTipper automatically calculates each party’s share of the TIP, BILL, and TOTAL (the light type).

Set it and forget it.
You may never have to re-enter the TIP percentage or SPLIT count again because BigTipper remembers your last choices.

Keep the change.
Tap the “round” button to round the per-person TOTAL to an even amount. BigTipper adjusts the tip accordingly. You can choose to round automatically or toggle between rounding up/down.

Old school. For those who prefer the keypad over slider controls: tap the TIP or SPLIT display, then enter values using BigTipper’s keypad (the active display is always highlighted in blue).

Round the Tip or Total.
To choose, just tap the TIP or TOTAL displays when rounding.

Mirror the Total. A third tap on the “round” button will “mirror” the per-person TOTAL. The last two digits will then mirror the first two digits— to help you later detect any potential credit card slip tampering.

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