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  • Quickly sends email and SMS text messages using stationery

  • Personalizes messages using smart mailmerge substitutions and signatures

  • Favorites, Recents, Groups lists to quickly choose an email address or phone number

  • Customizable Templates- make your own message stationery

  • Templates include Subject and Body fields

  • Customizable Snippets- coin your own phrase shortcuts

  • Send quick replies to incoming email

  • Use Maildash to create multiple email signatures

  • Sends native SMS messages via the iPhone Messages app

  • Also sends SMS using email, so works on iPod Touch

  • Customizable database of email-to-SMS gateways


Sends personalized emails using stationery

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Maildash 2.0 now sends SMS text messages using the iPhone 3.0 Messages app! iPod Touch (and iPhone) Maildash users can still use Maildash to send free SMS text messages via email (see next page).

Sending an SMS Text message Your message is auto-copied to the pasteboard The Messages app opens, addressed to your recipient Tap on the Message field, then tap the Paste button Tap the Send button
Sending an SMS Text message

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Maildash sends SMS text messages via the iPhone 3.0 Messages app:
  • Choose your recipient and message. Maildash personalizes your message with the recipient’s name and your signature (an option in Maildash’s Settings).

  • Tap the “Send SMS” button. Maildash copies your personalized message to the pasteboard, opens the iPhone 3.0 Messages app, and automatically addresses the message.

  • Tap the message box until the “Paste” button appears.

  • Tap the “Paste” button to insert your message.

  • Tap the “Send” button. Any replies will appear in a notification alert and the Messages app. You can also use Maildash to reply to a reply.

Why the pasteboard?

The iPhone Messages app currently does not permit apps like ours to pre-fill the text message automatically. Maildash uses the pasteboard to workaround this oversight.

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