Send Personalized Email Quickly

Using mail-merge templates

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Quick Emails and Messages

Fire off emails and messages in rapid succession, using mail-merge stationery templates, without all the tedious typing. Just select a contact or group of contacts, choose a pre-formatted message, and tap Send.

Get Personal (with Mail-Merge)

Emails and messages are automatically personalized for each recipient with greetings, names, dates, times, signatures— all kinds of information about people, your location, even your music.

Custom Templates

Emails and messages are made from Templates which can contain substitution phrases that are replaced with personalized info when the message is sent (mail-merge). Maildash comes with a collection of useful templates, and you can create your own.

Maildash is International

Maildash is available in several languages. Use the globe button to change the message template language.

Play Favorites

Quickly choose an email address using Maildash’s Favorites feature— which works like the iPhone’s phone number Favorites. And its easy to create groups of contacts, which are stored in Maildash.

General Features
  • Quickly send email or text messages using stationery
  • Personalize messages using mail-merge substitutions and signatures
  • Favorites/Recents/Groups lists - choose an address or group quickly
  • Customizable Templates - make your own message stationery
  • Customizable Snippets - make your own shortcuts
  • Customizable Tabs at bottom of screen
Email Features
  • Send mail-merged, personalized Emails to Groups of people
  • Send Email without leaving the Maildash app
  • Send quick replies to incoming email
Template Features
  • Templates can have default email addresses and/or phone numbers attached
  • Choose different languages for Templates/Snippets using the globe button
  • Templates include Subject and Body fields
  • iOS 9 or 10
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
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