Your Music. Your Way.

Tap, Swipe, Jam!

Click to play
Control your music— with Gestures

Button controls are a hassle when driving, working out, or just sitting at your desk. Instead, control your tunes with gestures: swipe to change songs, volume, brightness. Tap to play/pause.

Double-tap for... your choice! Tap the hand to assign actions to gestures.

Quick Actions

Tap the grid for instant access to quick actions.

Show playlists with this song.
See more from this album or artist.
Tweak sound equalization.
Lock orientation.
Switch to Day or Night themes.

Choose your music— with Fewer Taps

Playlists, Albums, Artists, Songs, Books, and Podcasts are all just a tap away.

Each of these button actions can also be assigned to a gesture.
For example, tapping player’s top bar could show playlists or this playlist’s songs.

Lists are searchable. Alphabetized lists have A-Z index controls. While scrolling, a large letter appears front-and-center.

Color your music— with Themes

Album art colors can auto-tint the player's background, artist, album, and song title.

Or pick a theme to match your mood, your car’s dashboard, or a playlist title.

TuTuneMe has many built-in themes, with more online ready to download. Modify or create your own themes to use and share with friends.

Instant Song Info

Get info about the current song, artist, and album— including lyrics (when present).

Take Control— with Panels

Scroll through various control panels. From Settings, panels can be shown, hidden, and re-ordered.

Animation: TuTuneMe Control Panels

Great for the Car, Gym, Office— anywhere
  • Change playlists without leaving the main player screen.
  • Use the entire screen as one big touch pad.
  • Quick, searchable access to your music.
  • Text is large enough to read at a distance.
  • Use each song’s album art (and/or a theme) to colorize the player.
  • Includes many themes to match your car’s dashboard, mood, or playlist.
  • Night Mode optionally dims the screen, making it less distracting.
  • Works in portrait or landscape (orientations can be locked).
  • iOS 9 or 10
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
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